Main objective

To explore the optimal modalities and potential barriers to increase the effectiveness of door-to-door screening for Leprosy and PEP administration.

Specific objectives

  • To assess the local social and cultural context to understand perceptions regarding leprosy
  • To test and continuously evaluate barriers and enabling factors (including the acceptability, feasibility and adherence) for door-to-door screening and treatment.
  • To assess perceptions of transmission and infectiousness regarding patients and asymptomatic carriers.
  • To contribute to the design of socially and culturally adapted health education messages based on the insights from objectives 1 to 3.
  • To provide an in-depth understanding of people’s social networks, including household members, kinship and additional positions in the network such as friends, work-related contacts, in order to assess what profile of person should be screened in addition to the index case as they constitute socio-culturally relevant people in the index-case’s network.